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Saturday Afternoon SITREP: DDR Knives, Elzetta Flashlights, 5.11 Tactical, Going Green


ALCON: How's your weekend going? Today we're celebrating the repeal of prohibition back in 1933 by wrapping ourselves around several adult beverages. Tomorrow we're going to celebrate Easter, though we're trying to maintain a sense of priorities. Hope you're all doing well and you get a chance to spend at least a few minutes with your families whether in person, via Skype or whatever.

Here's your Saturday Afternoon Sitrep:

Darrel Ralph Designs has a new pivot system designed to keep folding knives, butterfly knives and the like from loosening up. The No Lock Tite (NLT) system is a pivot adjustment system that will stay tight and adjusted how you want it even with repetitive use. The explanation and directions are posted over on Tactical Fanboy. Details of the various DDR knives on his website.

Elzetta Flashlights...not sure how we managed to miss this, but they've got a video where they disassemble one of their tactical lights under water, reassemble it and light it up. Now, granted, they can do wonderful things with CGI and video nowadays. It could be fake. After all, Star Trek make's us want to go green and do an Orion chick...but we're pretty sure this is legit. We figure this is worth further investigation and will hopefully have a review for you all in the coming weeks, but in the meantime check them out, or look 'em up on Facebook. You'll be glad you did, especially if you're a flashlight whore like both of us are.


Under the Radar advises NBC is making a new reality show called Stars Earn Stripes, where “nine celebrities from music, sports and Hollywood will be paired with trainers at a top-notch, secret training facility” and “will face weekly challenges such as hostage-rescue exercises or placing a laser target atop a mountain.” Who should star in NBC's new reality show where celebrities pretend they're carrying out top secret military missions?

5.11 Tactical has added some new colors to their Operator Belt line. They've added charcoal, sandstone and tundra, with a matte metallic buckle. Their Apex Gunner's Belt is something you might want to check out too. It's their take on the Liger Belt (which is awesome, by the way), with a 2-hook "ergonomic buckle" curved to the body. The belts are made so they're shaped to the body, which may appeal to those of you who like the Liger Belt but don't care for the fact that it never breaks in. Basically the Apex Gunner's Belt is pre-molded with a curve so it's like a regular belt that's been worn until it seats comfortably on the waist and hips (the explanation of the Apex Gunner's Belt starts at about 37 second in this video if you wanna check it out).

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Kit Up! The Mad Duo says, "Go green! Do an Orion chick."






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