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Kit Up! The patent drawing for Mr. Ernst's Improved Bayonet Guard

In 1862, John G. Ernst (an American) invented a thingawhatsit that substantially improved military training of the day. The item was "John G Ernst's Improved Bayonet Guard". It consisted of a hard rubber ball attached to the end of a bayonet scabbard-like a button and fastened the scabbard down so it couldn't pull free during training, leaving soldiers stabbing at each other with something sharp. Before that other measures like blunted bayonets and tied-down scabbards were tried, but all of them seemed woefully prone to causing injury during rifle-fighting drills.

Some widgets are silly and pointless. Some are awesome and pointless. Some are ubiquitous. I'm not sure where Off The Grid's snuff carrier rates, but I know I wished I'd had one when I was still with the DTF (as some of you know, I am sorely afflicted by distractions and could never keep track of where I put my can; too damn many pouches on my heavy vest).

Kit Up! Off The Grid snuff cans mag pouch.

These pictures are from the prototypes. Apparently the final version will have an opening in the bottom to push the can up from the bottom so you don't have to pull it from the top.  They're also going to be doing something similar for your smokes, so you can stop using a duct-taped soap dish.

Order it on line at Off The Grid Concepts in the widget section, or start up a conversation on Facebook. I'm ordering one for a present...gonna see if I can get them to make one that will seat a can of Skoal Wintergreen Long-cut next to a Multitasker. About the only way to make such a combo more awesome would be to add a Kill Cliff...maybe in a thigh rig?

Available for belt or MOLLE, in various colors.

Kit Up! A snuff carrier in progrss from Off The Grid Concepts.

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