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Woodland camo in condoms is as old school as the black boot Army. Besides, we need a more, shall we say, "robust" version.

We were gonna write about combat condoms. Seems like tactical prophylactics is an underserved topic in the triggerpulling doorkickery demographic. However none of the tactical condom companies make their product in magnum Mad Duo size, so we'll talk about something else entirely.

Check out MagGrips, LLC. It's a company from Springfield, MO (which means they live in God's Country - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas). They manufacture a number of different die cut grip kits for magazines and weapon systems (like the 30 round Magpul 2nd generation PMAG). Each inexpensive kit comes with the panels needed to sort out 3 magazines.

We'll be interested to hear from end users how the decals hold up to heat and cold, but for the money we figure it's definitely worth giving them a try. They won't protect from STDs but that doesn't mean they can't be any fun (just not with single dancing moms).

Mad Duo clear.




More on MagGrips LLC on their website and on Facebook. For that matter, join US on Facebook. Unless you're just plain skeert (or a Marine Corps trombone player).


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