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Matbock is a class act


There's a lot of naysaying and mudslinging that goes on in the tactical industry. I write an article about belts, 10 people are going to pontificate about what other belts came first. Same with Kydex holsters and many other products. This isn't to say copycatting doesn't happen, it most certainly does, just that people are quick to accuse...and frequently those people don't know all the facts. In many cases they're spot on, but the offending manufacturer rarely reacts (in many cases they don't even have the grace to seem abashed).

Matbock was accused a couple days ago of copycatting a product (not by the other manufacturer, but by readers over on Soldier Systems. In very short order Matbock pulled the item and addressed the issue. I'm not sure they didn't overreact a bit, but I absolutely cannot fault them for their forthright and upright response.

If you don't mind, go check out Matbock and maybe help them get on their feet.

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