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Marz "Tactical Kit"

Marz Tactical has been displaying this piece of kit lately and explains it in the video. It's essentially a small roll-up field maintenance kit, and it's certainly a more up-to-date version of the old M16 cleaning kit some of us were issued "back in the day", which is handy.

On the surface it seems pretty close to the Kitmat, a collaboration between EMDOM and Military Morons (the latter on Facebook here). I don't know if that's natural evolution or concurrent evolution or what, but I don't know enough about the Kitmat to draw actual parallels (the only real difference at a glance seems to be the magnets). Some of you may be more familiar with one or more of them and can provide commentary from your perspective. Military Morons once advised, "I originally considered magnets for the EMDOM Kitmat, but they only work with ferrous parts. The velcro strips we use work with anything – plastic, brass, aluminum etc. that’s why we went with Velcro. I found that if you’re outdoors, and a gust of wind kicks the mat up, everything not secured will go flying..."

The Kitmat can be found here if you're not familiar with it. Another gear intended for similar use (though more for indoors or at a table on the range) is the Crosstac Armorer's Mat. You can read MM's review of that on the Military Morons page.

This is the rundown on the Tactical Kit from Marz Tactical:



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