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Initial Impressions: LF-9 Pistol by Shadow Six


Kit Up! New cerakote finish and handmade grips on the LF-P9 prototype.

The following review was posted on the Shadow Six Facebook page by Jim Gilliland. The model in question is one of the girls who couldn't keep her hands off us at SHOT (the other being Lynn Jordan). Keep in mind this isn't a formal AAR, just an initial reaction quoted from a post on Facebook.

I recently received this T&E gun from Legion Firearms LLC. This is the famed LF-P9 that the calendar model keeps raving over. So far we have about 500 rounds through the pistol. And here is the general overview.

First, this pistol is just a prototype; this one is the first generation and will see some modifications in its production version. Hits for this pistol are function, reliability, felt recoil, controllability, and ergonomics, and tactical gun accuracy. This pistol has not so much as hiccupped in the 500 rounds I have put through it, I have shot it slowly for groups, from the bench, one handed, two handed and rapidly just to see the functionality of it. It has chambered Black Hills 115 ball, Winchester +p loads, and some junk whatever I had in a pile in the garage.

First impression is that I could trust this gun with my life as a tactical gun.



During shooting, this pistol handled very well and was a smooth shooter. The recoil was strait back and recovery was easy and quick. I know this is a 9mm and there isn’t a lot of recoil anyway, but it was a very pleasant shooter for both the wife and I. The controls on this gun are set up for a cross over between the race gun competition world and the tactical shooting world. The only issue I had with controls had to do with the slide release, and it was a little hard for me to reach. It was tucked in to the frame and required me to reach for it as opposed to just reaching up and pressing it like on my Glock or Sig.

The magwell is nice and big but not overly huge. Placing a mag in there was like riding a bike down a freeway tunnel. If you miss a reload with this pistol, you need to choke yourself! This pistol was a good combo of grip and size so I had no issues with it. The frame is constructed from a polymer and is completely customizable to your hand and grip. If you have smaller sized hands you could take it to a smith and have it reduced or if you have a very high grip, you could have the trigger guard undercut to facilitate that grip and it would be comfortable as well. The trigger broke at about 4.5 lbs clean and was just what I expected from a TACTICAL pistol.

When I shot the gun for groupings, I did take in the understanding that this was a T&E gun and had many thousands of rounds through it but was happy to see that it still held a 1.5” group shooting with both hands at 15yards. I used an X300 light on it shot it unsuppressed only. The slide to frame is tight enough to keep it accurate but loose enough to make sure it runs no matter what.

Do not let the look of this pistol fool you, it may look like a match grade competition only piece, but this is a very serious tactical operations gun with a lot of potential for any SWAT team or patrol officer that likes the look and feel of the 1911 but has the ability to carry 18+1 of duty ammo.

This is a remarkable tool that could very easily become my favorite shooting implement. P.S. the calendar model is completely sold on this pistol and thinks it is the sexiest gun ever made…. That is going to cost me I think…. Wonder if Legion makes them in PINK!

Thanks very much Shadow-6!

FYI, we spent a couple weeks TDY at the Legion Firearms HQ hanging out, drinking adult beverages and gifting them with the benefit of our tactical acumen. We'll do a special on the organization soon. Right now we're packing for the conference next week at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Maybe see some of you there?  The Mad Duo

The Mad Duo after a recent PTDY to Legion Firearms HQ.


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