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Sage Dynamics EmblemSage Dynamics will soon have a limited edition tee available, if you're interested. I kinda like it myself, though I try not to wear stuff that advertises my "I've got a gun and I don't have any huge issues using it" status. That limits me to around the house, on the range or when I'm conducting pseudo ops as a mall ninja. Some of you may have more opportunity though (if you live on base, are deployed or just have less qualms about doing so as you strut around town in all your gunfighter glory). They're available and will be available in black only. Sage Dynamics says they won't be making any more in this configuration, which is a shame because I think this the best design they have had yet.

Kit Up! DO WORK with Sage Dynamics. Shooter, OD green flex fit cap, belt, southpaw holster, pistol and magazines not included with purchase.
















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