Custom Paracord (Type III 550) Slings: Billy's Custom Gun Works


You may recall a while back Mike Durand had a picture in his DPMS rifle article of a paracord sling, which he got locally there on the Left Coast. I've been watching out for something similar since then and one of my friends pointed this place out. It's called  Billy’s Custom Gun Works. They're up in Michigan. He does some interesting work with paracord (Type III mil-spec 550) in addition to their firearms sales and customization. The owner makes all the paracord products by hand, himself (though his wife does some of the shipping).  The owner, Billy Shea, is a disabled US Army veteran.

Here's his single point paracord sling (available shortly), available in black, pink, coyote and OD mil-spec webbing, with any two paracord colors he has available. This sling runs $75 and contains approximately 100' of cord.

Kit Up! Single point paracord sling from Billy's Custom Gun Works















This is his adjustable and universal attachment two-point sling, available in any two colors he has available (an inner and outer wrap) with black, coyote, pink or OD green web attachments. It comprises approximately 120' of paracord and starts at $65. This particular sling is on his .303 British SMLE No. 4 Mk I with an ATI Monte Carlo Enfield stock, if you were curious.

Kit Up! Adjustable 2-point sling from Billy's Custom Gun Works.









Lastly, here's his standard quick-detach 2-point paracord sling in single color (coy). This was his first sling. It uses a little over 60' of paracord and is made to the customer's exact specifications for length and choice of color. Price starts at $55 and may go up depending on the length of sling you actually need.

Kit Up! Quick detach sling element from Billy's Custom Gun Works.













“I use most all of everything I make to support the medical care of my four children, with my oldest being Autistic and Epileptic,” the owner advises, “and his younger brother and their younger twin sisters born with Primary Immune Deficiency…all of the paracord gear I make is 100% handmade by me, using military grade…in all of the colors to raise awareness as well as donations for the Immune Deficiency Foundation, Autism Society of Michigan, the Wounded Warrior Project [and others]. I send a portion of the proceeds of every single paracord item sold, helping those that I can, when I can.” Billy Shea

Bill's Custom Gun Works doesn't have a website yet, just a Facebook page, but you can contact him at if you'd like. That URL again is

Buy one for yourself, buy one for your buddy, get one for your wife or girlfriend (not the same color and not at the same time if both), hell buy one for me. All you bastards missed my birthday last week anyway.

Have a good Monday. Go forth and conquer.


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