"Cold Tracer" Glow Ammunition


Kit Up! Still shot from a Glow Ammo video.

"Trajectory Identification Technology"

That's what they are calling  Glow Ammo, an innovative ammunition and ammunition modification material now available from the company of the same name. Glow Ammo provides a non-incendiary, tracer-like effect visible from the shooter's perspective and not the target's. The glow can still be seen from a wide angle to the rear of the bullet trajectory, but assuming this holds true then a shooter's position is less likely to be identified by whomever he's giving the good news (given the use of Glow Ammo vs. traditional tracers, that is).

Glow Ammo is a recent development patented back in January by Andy Hollerman, Ph.D. He says the idea came from watching triboluminescence, which is  non-incendiary method of producing light produced by breaking or rubbing crystals together (you know, simple stuff involving the storage of electrons which have been ejected by the penetrating gamma radiation of 40K decay in lattice defects and whatnot)...as opposed to the trail of burning phosphorous most of us are used to.


In addition to the ammunition, material utilizing the Trajectory Identification Technology (great acronym) is available to modify ammunition you may already have. I hesitate to use the word 'decal' but that does seem to be the easiest way to describe these kits. The kit 'decals' actually came first, before ammunition production began.


Current ammunition available includes 124 Grain RN 9mm,180 Grain FP .40 S&W and 230 Grain RN .45 ACP. I have a message in to the company for more information and I'll be ordering some to shoot as well.

For more information you can look at the website: http://www.glowammo.com/.

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