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Carbine/Pistol Guru Larry Vickers is Live on Internet TV

I meant to get this up sooner, so if you haven't heard, Tac-TV with Larry Vickers is now available on I have known Larry for a lot of years now, and I am happy to see this latest expansion of the Vickers Tactical brand. Larry is a lot of things -- he's a former member of Delta Force, small-arms consultant, carbine and pistol instructor, entertainer. But anyone who has spent any time around Larry knows he is passionate about weapons and is dedicated to teaching sound shooting techniques.

His foray into internet TV grew out his regular television show on the Sportsman Channel, a program that's geared more toward a general audience than the small-arms aficionado. That's where comes in, Larry says.

"There’s always tons of content that doesn’t get into the half-hour TV show; you have to edit it down to 22 min because you have eight minutes of commercials," he says. This extra content often includes nuances of weapons handling that shooting enthusiasts often pay money to learn. "There is training content for someone who really wants to learn to shoot pistol or carbine better that is going to be on there, and if it was on Sportsman Channel,  let's face it -- it would be boring for a lot of the audience."

The first episode of season two debuted April 9, but subscribers can watch it anytime, Larry says. "The great thing about online is you can watch it whenever you want. It just gives you a lot more freedom." 

A premium subscription costs $100. This includes access to season two episodes. All of season one episodes are available now. Episodes will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the design and manufacturing of weapons from around the world as well as the latest tactical gear. Larry will also have guest instructors like Ken Hackathorn and Rob Leatham share their expertise in tactical shooting.

The subscription package includes free access to Vickers Carbine I & II training videos (presented by Daniel Defense). There will also be prize give-aways like a Daniel Defense V7 M4 carbine.

This Tac-TV preview clip is pure Larry -- lots of attitude and pretty damn entertaining. 



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