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Benchmade Triage


Kit Up! Benchmade Triage opened up for business.

I've known several officers and military personnel who carry some sort of Benchmade Triage by preference, and for good reason. It's a well made, robust knife with some great features. I can think of many career fields, LEO and military and PSC alike, that would benefit from carrying one of these and to be honest I think there's a great argument for carrying it as an EDC blade. There are several different blade tip options, including a flat edge for turning screws or prying, a glass-breaking tip and a rescue hook at the end (which will cut through the guts of many delicious animals as easily as it will seatbelts). Border Patrolmen have used it to open up the sides of tires, medics are using it in place of shears (see videos below), jumpers carry it to slice through parachute lines and of course cops will use them because they make short work of seatbelts and flexcuffs.

Kit Up! Benchmade rescue hook.

I've talked to a members of a couple of different specialized counter-narcotic units (one of them involved in pretty hairy stuff along the border) who carry them on their heavy vests precisely because they can do so many things with the knife - break glass, pry, cut suspects free and screw/unscrew things as needed. Also, if you'll watch the videos I think you'll see this knife's potential for medics and corpsmen.


Anyway, I've got one (in bright orange, because I'm constantly losing stuff) and I love it.

Great in-depth review of the Benchmade here. Information on the Benchmade 915 here, the Benchmade 916 here.

Out here. Go forth and conquer.


Kit Up! Benchmade Triage glass-breaking tip.



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