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ATN Nightvision Photo Contest


American Technologies Network Contest (Mike Durand)

One of the problems with manufacturing equipment that is only used under the cover of darkness is you rarely ever get to see your product actually being used in the field. American Technologies Network (ATN), makers of night vision and thermal sights for the military, law enforcement, security and outdoorsmen are looking to change that with the announcement of their first ever Night Vision Photo Contest.

Take a picture of an ATN product being used in the field and submit it to the ATN Facebook wall with a brief description of the product, the scenario in which the device was used, and where. Photos are to be submitted no later than June 30, 2012 for a change to be featured in the new ATN catalog and win some sweet prizes.

Prizes for the top photos chosen by ATN include:


Submitted photos must be work place friendly. For you infantrymen out there like me that means anything that we think might be clever or funny is out. Keep it clean boy and girls.

You may DOWNLOAD the official ATN Photo Contest Announcement PDF here and the Terms & Conditions here.


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