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ALCON: Breaking news...join together to remember the death of Bin Laden


We'd say "celebrate" but, you know, lefties and assclowns would complain. Anyway, it's Bin Laden Doubletap Day, brought to you by Off Duty Gamers and FPS Nation.

The following was excerpted from the Off Duty Gamers, FPS Nation and the duly appointed designees of the United States National Command Authority flash message traffic. If you aren't a gamer, don't get butthurt about it. Other readers are, and this is directed at them.

What it is

Our friends over at FPS Nation told us to take control over their Battlefield 3 (PC) server and have some fun on the evening of Tuesday May 1st, 2012.

What we made it

We’re going to dial it up as “Bin Laden Double Tap Day” (twitter hash #BL2xD) which recalls the the fall of one of the worlds most infamous terrorists at the hands of US special operations forces.

How can you join?

Easy, grab your Bin Laden Double Tap Day favorite pork product OR if you’re of the faith you can always celebrate the demise of the man who slandered it and murdered members of your own with any seafood item commemorating his final resting place.

Starting at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) Fire up Origin, then Battlefield 3 and rally on FPSNation’s server and if you’re interested in chatting with fellow celebrants looking for a good time gaming then hit the Teamspeak 3 server at and let us hear from you.

What Maps/Modes Are We playinG?

Any damn thing that we want. Frankly we’re not so sure so if you want to weigh in on the matter, place your comments below and let us know what awesome BF3 maps and modes you’d like to play with/against members of Off Duty Gamers and our friends.


During the event those involved will be eligible to win a PATCH UP – iPAD Sleeve from LBX Tactical upon which will be all 4 of the last games patches PLUS the most recent 2 from the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter





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