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Ultralife A-320KT; better comms on the move


In 2002 some of the guys from the Drug Task Force I was assigned to hand-built a portable repeater we could hump in a ruck when we were conducting surveillance, serving warrants and working manhunts in the ass end of nowhere. You get east of the Muskogee Turnpike, north of I-40, you get into some remote country.

It worked, sort of, and it sucked.

As one of the guys that had to pack that monstrosity, I can assure you we'd rather have had one of these:


This is the Ultralife A-320KT amplifier kit, from ADS and Ultralife. It's set up in a MOLLE compatible, swing-open/tip-down pouch you can attach directly to your kit.  It provides single battery operation with true DAMA, SINCGARS, and HAVEQUICK compatibility.

The A-3210 dresses out at 1.5 pounds. The kit comes with a mounting bracket, 90-512MHz multi-band antenna, radio-to-amp RF cable, adjustable antenna mount with RF cable and of course antenna (total weight, just a little over 3lbs).

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