War Sport 'War Bungee' Accessory Management System


Here’s a nice, simple system for ventilated bump helmets like the Ops-Core FAST, base jump, Crye Airframes and the like. It’s a retention system for camouflage, NVG counterweights, IR strobes…whatever.

War Sport advises they will be running the first batch in coyote, OD and black, with additional camo patterns coming in the future if needed or requested.  The War Sport cable and accessory management system is a single cord bungee with a push-button tensioner clip (wed dominator clip by ITW) in the back to adjust as needed for whatever is mounted to the helmet. The whole thing is very light weight, just a couple ounces, and does not obstruct any ventilation holes.

They will be ready to ship at the end of March, though War Sport is taking pre-orders now. The price will be $25 or less.

It’s simple, cost effective and practical…because it’s so simple and easy to use, there’s not much for me to say about it. A bungee tie-down will keep your helmet furniture secure without having to resort to field expedient measures, hook-and-loop or hundred mile an hour tape and crossed fingers

There’s long been talk of mesh covers coming out for this style of helmets, but it’s been  quite a while and there’s no sign of them yet, nor word when they might be coming.

They’re applying for an NSN number on the ‘War Bungee’ now; we’ll advise that number once we’re cleared hot to do so. More information on the War Sport site.

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