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Victory Scents: For The Funky Interior of That MRAP or Hooch


Got some stank rolling off the other boys in the MRAP? In your hooch? Maybe need to do something to overpower the smoke coming off the burn-shi**ers? Get ya some VICTORY SCENT air fresheners. There are a number of new styles coming out in March, including INFIDEL WHISKEY (cinnamon), UNCLE SAM (vanilla) and a “new upgraded” PINK MIST in cherry. THAILAND OR BUST  is nautical breeze, and there’s a GET OUT OF NJP FREE (ck splash) and of CHAIR IS AGAINST THE WALL in that ‘new car scent’. There are more coming, apparently.

Kit Up! Check out the taglines on these scents...











No, this isn't an article about new loadbearing kit, gozillion dollar gucciflage armor or other tactical innovations, but I figured it was something you might be interested in.

Anyway, I can’t say one way or the other about how they smell as I haven’t gotten mine yet. However, several of my friends here and overseas are talking about them (which is what brought them to my attention in the first place). I also know Gina, from Combat Bet (the brains behind Victory Scents) and she’s squared away. Definitely one of the good guys.

Check more out on their website or on their facebook page.


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