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S.O. Tech Go Bag Extended as "Tactical Diaper Bag"


Today we bring you another guest article from Mike Durand, author of the previous review of the DPMS rifle.

When a man finds out he is going to be a father, he is plunged into an ocean of questions and concerns. Will I make a good father? Am I up to this challenge? Is it a boy or a girl? After the heavy issues are wrestled down comes the gathering of stuff for the baby. Lots of stuff. Clothes, toys, and a crib for the little one to sleep in—you hope they'll sleep—and if you’re smart, the stockpiling of diapers, wipes, diaper rags, bottles… you get the idea. When you venture out of the house you’re going to need something to carry all that stuff. Enter the diaper bag.  But exactly what kind of diaper bag? Are you gonna carry the hot pink girly-girl mess or The Magic Rabbit, Dad?

Kit Up! Are you man enough for the rabbit?

To fulfill any mission, you’re going to need the right tools for the job.  For my diaper bag I needed a bag that had the ability to carry a considerable amount of baby stuff without being too heavy or bulky.  Ease of carry, toughness, and ready access to internal and external storage were also issues.  I knew I didn’t want an assault pack style backpack, I wanted something I could sling over my shoulder or across my body.

Kit Up! Exterior pockets of the S.O. Tech Go Bag can hold ten size 4 diapers, which is pretty impressive.

Enter the S.O. Tech Go Bag Extended. At around $135 retail, it’s not the cheapest option but as my wife pointed out, there are many frou-frou diaper bags out there that cost considerably more [Now on special for $123].  The Magic Rabbit bag will run you $158, so consider this a steal!

With its large main compartment -23”x6”x6”- accessible by two linked zippers, four side pockets, and two large external zipper pockets, I could pack it with all the baby essentials yet not worry about it taking up too much room in vehicles or crowded places since I could sling it across my back, tuck it under or in between seats, or place it under a stroller. Being made of Cordura, I knew the bag would be able to handle everyday usage. The MOLLE/PALS webbing on the sides would provide more storage and flexibility if I needed it, a plus. The issue in my mind was settled so I placed my order.




Once the Go Bag arrived, I stocked it and configured it to my liking. Babies are complicated little things that require constant maintenance and attention. Placing items that may be needed in a moment’s notice in the most accessible areas is very important. The real test for the bag came on a two week business trip to Texas with the family. While my wife was working during the day, the baby and I were free to explore San Antonio.  My Go Bag turned diaper/carry all bag held everything I needed and more. Run out of space in the bag? No problem. Attach a Nalgene bottle pouch to the PALS loops, line the pouch with flexible ice packets and you have an instant cold pack for baby’s bottles or food.  SAW or NVG pouches can carry extra clothes and let me tell you, babies always need at a bare minimum one set of extra clothes.  You can never have too many wipes on you too.

Kit Up! The S.O. Tech Go Bag Extended is perfect for minion support operations.

Go Bag Extended with more traditional load-out (picture courtesy of 'Papa's Place').

I’ve been using the Go Bag Extended for well over a year now and in that time I have received more than a few compliments from other fathers that resulted in new customers for S.O Tech.  I highly recommend this bag for its adaptability, functionality and the fact I can continue to use the bag long after it has been “retired” from baby duty.  The fact it looks badass quite frankly doesn’t hurt either.  Can you say that about the Magic Rabbit?.


Mike Durand is a U.S. Army Infantry combat veteran of Iraq with over 15 years of service.He lives and writes in California with his wife, one year old daughter and four cats. He writes as his youngster, pregnant wife and rapidly approaching second youngster will allow.


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