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TAD Spectre Hoodie LRP: Part the Second


Yesterday you read the first part of my Triple Aught Design Spectre LRP jacket. Here's the conclusion. MD

 TAD Spectre Hoodie LRP, continued:

The Spectre is not an extreme cold weather jacket; it’s a medium weight jacket. That being said I have worn it in the snow  on a clear windy day high in the Sierra Nevada mountains  with temperatures well into the 30 degree mark without freezing my ass off and if there is one thing being an 11Bravo has taught me, it’s how to freeze my ass off.  Proper layering should always be considered. You have been warned.

Rain beading on the exterior. This is really rain, not water from a spray bottle or anything. (Mike)














The sharkskin material is initially very good at keeping rain out. Moisture initially beads up and rolls off the jacket.  In a heavy rain with prolonged exposure, the jacket will begin to soak up water although a few places along the shoulder seams remained dry.  That impressed me, as did the jacket’s performance in the wind.  No matter where I’ve found myself, on a mountain pass in the snow or a rain swept flight line, losing heat from wind chill has never been an issue with the Spectre.

Kit Up! Author in TAD Spectre LRP doing some shooting.

The Spectre is one of my favorite jackets and I would definitely recommend it for military/LE/ tactical use, outdoors, and even the urban tactical look if that’s your thing. Two things to note:  One, at this time the soft shell version is no longer available; however there is a hard shell Spectre with an extra chest pocket and an interior pocket. Two, for all you regular line Joes and anyone without a long tab I wouldn’t recommend wearing this on duty since it is a non-authorized piece of clothing. You have been warned.

TAD Gear Spectre holds up well to rain and mud.

To see other products available from TAD Gear, visit their website or stop by their San Francisco store.  Make sure to give the Tyrannosaurs Rex skull guarding the entrance a friendly pat.  Actually, don’t do that.  You’re not supposed to touch it.  You have been warned.

Note: The Spectre jacket from TAD Gear is currently sold out, however a cursory check of some forums shows several being offered for sale should you want one (and Triple Aught Design frequently reissues designs). KU6

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