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Shooting Glove Reviews -- Kit Up! Wants Your Input


There are almost too many choices when it comes to tactical/shooting gloves, so we want to know the gloves you'd like to see reviewed. We are not attempting to decide whether anyone should or should not wear gloves at the range or in the line of duty. We want to select three to five pairs and evaluate them for fit, performance, comfort, grip, workmanship, durability and value.

There are few things more frustrating to gearheads than going through the mental anguish of scouring the internet for a piece of kit -- like gloves -- only to find out that they aren't quite what you hoped they would be when you receive your order.

So what do you want to see? Pricey or inexpensive? Flame-resistant or ultra-thin materials? Hot weather or cold weather? We would like to focus on models priced below $45, but anything is possible.

We may do more than one round of reviews if we get enough suggestions. Help us get started.


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