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A Saturday afternoon SITREP


Happy St. Patrick's days boys and girls! We've got a few things for you to check out, if yer so inclined. We were gonna put up a picture of our favorite Gaelic gal clad in pretty much nothing but a couple of shamrocks but we didn't think we could get away with. It's the thought that counts right?

Off the Grid Concepts LLC. Off the Grid just finished up a photo shoot with a shooter who is formidable in several ways (it was Nikki Raye). Hopefully soon we'll be able to share the result with you . Anyway, they've come up with several new pieces of kit, and have been seeking feedback about what shooters are looking for (for instance, they asked if there would be a market for their cuff pouches). You can offer an opinion on the OTG Facebook page. Oh, and please don't be an assclown with your comments. We're aware there are a number of different custom Kydex people out there (if you're recall, we've written before about both Kolbeson Leatherworks and Raven Concealment and we're huge proponents of both). Don't be one of those fanbois that just bad-mouths everyone but your favorite. Anyway, follow 'em on Facebook or visit their web page. We'll keep you up to speed as some of their kewler projects develop.Thanks to Ning the Merciless for the picture.










Milifidel Apparel. Milifidel apparel needs some votes for an apparel contest. So we’re clear, this isn’t like Military Infidel nor is it MILF-idel. It’s Milifidel, as in Military Fidelity. The brand was designed to pay homage to military personnel past and present (comes from Milititas and Fidelitas). Please go check out the contest and vote for Milifidel. Milifidel Apparel has several different lines, including Milifidel standard, La Femme and Military Brats.












Vertx Pants and Military Morons. They can apparently take a beating. Our buddy from Military Morons was in a motorcycle accident during the middle of the week. He's okay, thankfully. He went down trying to avoid a woman who pulled out in front of him. Interesting, these are the Vertx britches he was wearing when he crashed (no collision, or it would have been a lot worse prolly). Anyway, the rips on the cargo flap were where he was carrying his ZT .0360SKD knife (he slid on his left side). Point being, these pants held up pretty darn well. Thought we'd pass that along for those of you wondering if Vertx can hold up to a beating. Hope you recover quickly MM!










Righteous Duke Designs: WWRGD? To celebrate Justified being renewed for a 4th season, Righteous Duke Designs is opening a second pre-order only second run of their WWRGD shirts. Look the part, be the part. If all goes well and the Duke gives us the okie doke we're gonna be wearing the design on some hoodies in our size. Damn skippy. Order 'em on line.












In Full Kit. Keeping track of gear and kit? Of course you are. This is Kit Up! Much as it pains us to admit it, there are a few other blogs and sites that might occasionally have something worth reading. In Full Kit is a simple Facebook page that tracks several of those (including Kit Up!). Running late on that 45 paragraph Op Order you have to write for the TOCroaches? Hit In Full Kit to hit several sources at once: just remember to keep your attention focused here in all but the most exigent circumstances. (Grunts: exigent.)










It's Saturday. Have a good afternoon; we'll be busy supporting single dancing moms. One dollar bill at a time.

Mad Duo clear.

PS Did you read our news of the latest development in serious force multipliers?

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