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Saturday Afternoon SITREP


Happy 91st day of the year (it's a Leap Year, remember), and happy King Nangklao Memorial Day if you're in Thailand.  We love Thailand, though last time we were there Slim had to get his bore punched...some kind of Thai gift that kept on giving.

Anyway, here's your Saturday Afternoon SITREP.

Tactical Tailor tells us they have several cool new pieces of kit about to roll out of R&D and onto the assembly line. They're also now sponsoring the Noveske Shooting Team (who know enough to shoot instead of play golf). They recently released a pretty rugged replacement for those crappy stuff sacks we're issued, and they're currently working to lighten up all the components of the MALICE pack system as part of their ongoing FIGHT LIGHT effort.












MultiTasker Tools, which we love, has no less than two new tools in the works, is also working on a collaborative knife EDC tool with Emerson Knives (yeah, how cool is that?).

They recently posted a video we like, and though it's obviously theatrical and staged, it's accurate. [youtube]

Multitasker Series 2 prototype scabbard by Tactical Solutions of Thessalonica











Watch for MultiTasker reviews and previews of the upcoming Emerson-MultiTasker tool in the weeks to come! (Picture courtesy of Tactical Solutions; video courtesy of Lab Zero Productions.)

Bravo Five (B5) Systems' new website is up. B5 has developed an Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock and a SOPMOD Bravo Buttstock. Check the video, but be advised they don't start any doorkickery 'til about 1:50 or so. [youtube]

Kit Up! Bravo 5's Enhanced SOPMOD Stock.















Military Morons has a review up of the Low Camino Flex Boots if you're looking for some footwear. He says, "I'm noticing the front and rear rubber caps (or sometimes, a full rand) on more boots nowadays. I originally disliked the look, but have gotten used to it, and really appreciate having them as they protect the boot upper from abrasion. Nowdaways, I look for boots that have them, especially on the toe." Check out what he has to say about them (if you don't already run Salomon's).

Military Moron's counterpart in our scale.


















Last but not least, War Sport Industries LLC has a couple things going. Their cable/bungee systemgoes on sale this month, and they're performing what they call "Hillbilly Fieldtesting" (which is more strenuous than most T&E procedures) on Frog Lube. You can follow the progress of that on their Facebook page.

War Sport's Frog Lube Testing

War Sport cable retention system in use.

Mad Duo Clear!

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