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Questions for the field: reader input requested


I've been struggling with the desire to buy a Kalash of some kind or a .308 AR platform. I don't really need it, but I'm thinking I can get Household-6 to buy off on it if I say it's to try out gear, accessories, mags and ammo, etc. (especially because she rarely reads these). I'd like to attend some Kalashnikov-oriented courses too (like this one maybe).

So, my question for you guys and girls reading this: what would you suggest? I have never really looked into those rifle types because my long gun has always been a tool for use on the job. I can't shoot two at once, and the department where I still reserve will not authorize .308 in the field unless you're assigned that caliber with SOT (though who knows, maybe it'll change sometime).

Kit Up! I need a new AK with a couple of useful, practical accessories. Maybe like this one.

I carried a SOCOM II for a couple of years when we were doing manhunts because of the brush and undergrowth where we usually worked, but that's about the only .308 I've messed with.

I realize asking about an AK and a .308 AR is like asking apples and oranges, but I figured I'd pick something interesting up here. I appreciate any input.

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