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Check this out. It’s from Off the Grid Concepts. They’re now making a shield piece for your custom Kydex holster to protect it from damage when you rack the slide against it. We’re not sure how you guys reading this do things, but we were taught variously to rack the slide off a holster, the back of a boot or a gunbelt if we took a hit or something occasioned the need for a single hand weapon manipulation. This is made for that need. They call it the PACE Clip. It basically takes the brunt of the hurt that good hard training will occasionally o on a holster and can be discarded (and replaced, as desired) when worn or broken.

Off the Grid custom holster with PACE clip.

Full disclosure: neither we nor any of our handler team have yet put OTG holsters through any paces nor have we had the opportunity to contrast them with other custom Kydex holsters, but we hear good things about them from people we trust. OTG were  the first ones to offer us a custom gun rig in our size, which made us happy as a [CENSORED] with a bag full of [CENSORED].

OTG hex cut custom holster.



As OTG points out, it will also be popular with you metro-tactical types out there. You can purchase spare PACE Clips in different colors to match your various cammies or different rigs...because, you know, color coordination is damn important on a 2-way range and is vitally important guys like Josh Russell, Brian Montgomery and the mom from Burn Notice.


In all seriousness though, the idea came during a conversation between OTG and PACE Tactical during which they were discussing wear and tear on different kinds of holsters and loadbearing kit. It’s disposable, and you can have it molded on mag carriers as well as holsters, in any color the carry.

The PACE Clip is disposable. You can also put one on your magazine carriers, in any color they carry. They are molded to the individual holster, so you’d need to order a spare when you buy the kit. Otherwise you’d need to send it back in (same as if you want to retrofit it). PACE Clip and spares are $10. OTG holsters typically start at $70.

As with most custom Kydex holsters, you’ll need to specify the exact model of weapon it will be carrying as well as a specific light/laser combo as needed. Holsters are available in MOLLE, belt loops 1 ½” to 2” and their new quick-connect clips. All holsters are warrantied.

Off the Grid Hex Cut knife sheath.


Oh, and another option you have it so order the holster in ‘hex cuts’. It’s made so you can attach other gear to it ‘field expediently’ if need be (plus, it looks kewl). A hex-cut finish is a $20 upgrade, largely because of the labor involved in building them. (Hex cut comes standard on knife sheaths.)





Rob Tran of OTG has Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat in his signature block, to which we respond, Illegitimi non carborundum. Trolls will be trolls, and fanbois will be fanbois. For our friends over in the sandbox we extend a sincere—Oderint  dum metuant.

That’s it for now. These ones aren’t gonna spend themselves, and single dancing moms gotta make rent.

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