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Modern Ammo Pouches for the M1 Garand

Olongapo Outfitters makes some of the best quality, M1 Garand clip pouches I've ever seen. That's right. Gear for the Garand! If you've never looked down the sights of John C. Garand's masterpiece, you're missing out. I'll never trade my M1, but I have never cared for Army surplus cartridge belts.

Olongapo's clip pouches are made from 1000d Cordura and come in MultiCam, OD Green, Khaki, and Coyote Brown. They are available in two-clip and four-clip sections and come with Malice clips or ALICE clips. These pouches close with mil-spec snaps and feature pull tabs on the flaps for speed.

I have mine mounted on a Brokos Belt with Malice clips and it feels good and solid. The snaps hold securely but release quickly. High-quality stitching will no doubt last a lifetime. The two-clip models cost $25-$28 each. The four-clip pouches run between $37 and $43 each.

Olongapo Outfitters also makes several other pouch options for Garand ammo. They make an M1-carbine style pouch for the Garand that keeps two clips at the ready. And if you're preparing for the zombie hordes, you might want to check out the Grab&Go bandoleer that holds 12 clips.

They also make some nice chest rigs and other goodies for all you AR diehards out there.


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