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IZLID Aiming Lasers


Laser designation as become almost commonplace on today's (well, tonight's) battlefield. I honestly hadn't given them much thought other than I knew I didn't want to be on the embarrassing end of one until my buddy Ray came home on leave a couple years back. Ray's a JTAC. He'd spent a great deal of time using an IZLID to demonstrate the folly of inappropriate behavior to assorted villains in Afghanistan.


Today Soldier Systems put up a great primer on the IZLID, its uses and applications. It's worth checking out. I'm sure many of you have employed one of these tools, or have at least been nearby when someone else did. If you're interested in the hows and whys and where to gets, check out SSD's article.

I like the following video as a demo, though what knucklehead decided to bring Call of Duty into it, or call rockets missiles I don't know.


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