HSGI's Mag-Net dump pouch


HSGI (High Speed Gear, Inc.) has a new dump pouch out. It’s called the “Mag-Net”. It’s made of heavy duty mesh with a 5/16” vinyl tubing mouth that works a sort of “coin-purse” type opening. It’s not going to be for everyone and there will no doubt be naysayers, but HSGI’s Gene Higdon responds to that by saying simply, “Find the right gear for the right mission. It’s made so there’s no way to retain water and add minimal weight to your kit. If you don’t need it, then don’t run it; if it’s something you can use it’s gonna work and it’s gonna work well.”

Kit Up! HSGI's Mag-Net, rolled up and stowed.


Kit Up! HSGI's Mag-Net, deployed.
































In addition to the obvious advantages with drainage you can see what’s inside it as a glance (for those who use a dump pouch to haul extra kit or whatever).  This will allow the wearer to select from various shot shells or magazines if they’re loaded differently.

The vinyl tubing is for support and flexibility, and if you’re old enough to remember the old style coin purses (or if your grandparents still use one) then you’ll know how it allows for insertion/extraction.

The Mag-Net is also a good piece of kit for holding range gear, basic breaching stuff and for SSE/site exploitation (something it’s already being used for downrange).

It secures with MALICE clips (and rolls up with tabbed Cordura wraps) and will be available in “smoke green” ATAC-S AU, Khaki, Multi-Cam and Coyote. Pretty much all the Gucci-flages except for the new ATACS-FG.  I have a message in to Mean Gene to see if they’ll be offering it in any of the “police” colors like OD and blue. He did say black and ATACS-FG were coming soon, but that he wasn’t sure how soon the FG would arrive. I’ll let ya know how he responds.

Oh, and pretty much all your typical magazines will fit inside the Mag-Net. It’ll carry up to five standard Kalash mags or eight M4 mags. It’s made in the wilds of North Carolina, somewhere near the trackless swamps of Camp Lejeune.

Kit Up! HSGI's Mag-Net, another view of it deployed.

Kit Up! HSGI's Mag-Net, set up on a belt rig.

HSGI is on line at; their cage code is 3DD (two of my favorite letters when they’re back to back) 68. That’s 3DD68

Also, HSGI is running a contest you might want to check out. It’s pretty difficult (been running quite a while now with no winners) but the prize is an HSGI rig worth $761.00 so it’s worth taking a crack at. The rules are on Facebook only.

Kit Up! Gene Higdon's prototype at a carbine course to see if the concept would work.

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