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G-Code Holsters (Part 2 of 3)


A couple of days ago I started a 3-installment series about the G-Code holsters. This is, as you may have already guessed from the title, part 2 of the series.

I stole this video from the G-Code Facebook page for my brother and his knuckle-dragging friends (they kill people and break things, and by and large benefit from pictures).


So there are essentially two variants of  of G-Code holsters. Then several models available in those two types. "Standard” holsters and “RTI” holsters. I have experience only with the RTI holsters, which I prefer because of all versatility and modularity options. When you will look at them, you will see that the GSH (G-Code Holsters Series) and OSH (Operational Series Holsters) rigs, XST (Extreme Service Tactical) holsters, and Revolver holsters all come in these two variants. The RTI variant has a metal back made to set into the RTI wheels so it can be moved around. As best I know the SOC series is only available in the RTI variant and the Pocket Holsters do not have the option.

Clear as mud? Never mind, watch this:


Though the various options are nice, if you need a holster with the option of adding a light, then you’ll want the SOC. This is the one I have for my Glock, and the second one I ordered for my boy’s M&P. It does not accept a light by itself but can be modified with a cowling, available separately. This optional holster cowling goes on and off pretty simply, if you want to switch back and forth. In my experience it does not functionally alter the holster’s performance or fit. As far as I know, the cowling is going to be SOC-specific for the appreciable future, however I will find out if they will doing anything similar with the others.

G-Code staff answered several questions after the first installment of this series before I could call them, so they may answer up here pretty quickly. To reiterate what they advised in regards to suppressors and extended barrels: ‘The barrel plug is removable. For guns with extended barrels, let us know and we can modify the SOC or in the case of a G19 with a threaded barrel use a G17 SOC. The OSH and XST are open-bottomed so there is no problem with extended barrels there…’

Duty drop G-Code at a pistol course recently.

There are a number of different backing options for however you prefer to carry. Paddles, drop/duty, belt-slides, MOLLE compatible claws, etc. and you can retrofit holsters as needed (adding an RTI to the OSH kit, for instance).

One question that came up I should address is wear, so I consulted with a couple of people to make sure I got this right (including the irrepressible, some might say irascible, Mean Gene). Any holster will wear on the finish of a

Community involvement: holster built for local high school track and field team by G-Code so they wouldn't have to carry start pistol around in a sack.

sidearm, but some are much worse than others (and some holsters are lined for this very reason). There will always be friction and abrasion. With most any Kydex holster you've got a relatively smooth surface, providing less grip for debris inside, however if you don't keep it clean the rigidity of the material will make any grit that does get caught more destructive than it would be in, say, a leather holster. So far I haven't had any problems with the SOC+cowling that's carrying my Glock but in fairness it's only a few months old and has no more than a few hundred draws. I have asked around to see anyone else carrying a G-Code has had any issues with rubbing or scratching and will advise if I get a response you should be worried about.

That's it for now. I have a phone conference scheduled with Scott from G-Code tomorrow afternoon. If you have any specific questions you would like me to ask, please put them in the context of a comment below.

More to follow...part 3 on Monday. DR

Another reason to like G-Code. They have a gun-totin' shop dawg.


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