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Fight Like a Girl: Off Duty and EDC


BOLO Report is running an ongoing series written by female professionals of the LE and military world called Fight Like a Girl. The latest installment seems like it would be of particular interest given some of the recent Kit Up! discussions (particularly The Missing Link and the Direct Action Response Kit). Though this post, Off Duty EDC, is written with the off-duty LEO in mind, much of what the author talks about is certainly applicable to all of us in our every day lives. Are you ready to deal with a sudden medical emergency even from a non-violent source? Are you prepared to defend your family, even if you're not a CW carrier? Check it out.

BOLO Report: Off Duty EDC

Prior installments include Own those Effin' Pull-ups Woman! and It's a Knife Kind of Day.

Note/Disclosure: Kit Up! writer David Reeder is part of the editorial staff at BOLO Report. It is a completely volunteer publication written by a number of SMEs (and motivated lay professionals) for the interest, education and edification of military, LE and PMC/PSC professionals. No revenue is generated by the Report and authors receive no remuneration for their work.


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