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RE Factor: "Unconventional solutions for the unconventional problem."

RE Factor Tactical finally has LBE and other kit in stock, if you want to check it out. I say finally because they were in development and T&E stages for a while and I've been waiting to check out the gear. We'll be taking a closer look at some of their products in the coming months as they add more to the line-up. The modular LBE components they carry are built by Marz Tactical and they maintain a WARNO page to keep you up to speed on what's coming.

Kit Up! Some 9-Line Reminders are easier than others. RE Factor Tactical 9-Line Medevac stickers made of water resistant vinyl. Large ones for PRC 119s and like, smaller ones for handhelds and weapons.

Current LBE offerings include a plate carrier, SSE pouch, mag shingles and some other pieces. Nothing life changing as far as startlingly new, but I'm not sure there's much left to invent in the way of loadout carriage. There's only so many ways to hold a magazine in a nylon pouch after all. What can and frequently does change from manufacturer to manufacture is quality. RE Factor addresses this by working hard to establish a reputation for consistency and excellent quality control; I know for a fact they've sent gear out to end users of several vocations and asked them for critical feedback and input on how to improve. Asking operators to wear gear to the breaking point downrange and provide no bullshit input is a good sign a new company truly wants to  build quality gear. (Some of the guys behind REFT are still operational and test the gear themselves outside the wire before pushing to the next phase.)

 In addition to their gear, REFT offers apparel and accessories. I particularly like some of their reminder bands and "Aim Small Miss Small" garments. REFT donates a portion of everything sold (and 100% of certain items) to military related charities. You can choose one to support when you make an order.

If you're interested, one of the reason I pay attention to the REFT website and Facebook page is their blog. It's very well one, frequently featuring pieces of good advice from how to pass Selection to how to travel safely. I think you might find it entertaining (unless you're a poser) and informative, even if you're retired now and only hunt bad guys on X-Box 360. It's certainly a source of great information for boys and girls still on the job.

I'll end with a short video of the REFT crew at work. More to follow on the gear.


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