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Emergency Rescue Device Could Save Lives


This is a clever little piece of kit. Never Quit ABN, LLC's Personal Emergency Horizontal Rescue Compact (P.E.H.R.C) is 35 feet of one-inch tubular nylon webbing packed into a 6-inch x 6-inch pouch equipped with MOLLE straps for mounting to vests or packs. The idea is it can be quickly deployed and used to drag a wounded or injured buddy to safety.

Here's John Escobar, former paratrooper and president of Never Quit ABN, demonstrating the P.E.H.R.C.


The P.E.H.R.C.'s nylon tubing is rated to 4,000 pounds and the device includes a climbing-grade carabiner that the wounded or injured individual would hook to his (or her) vest, climbing harness or belt before being dragged to safety. Obviously, it's not fool-proof since the victim would have to be conscious for it to work. Seems like a pretty good idea though. The P.E.H.R.C has been approved for use by the National Tactical Officers Association, according to Escobar.

The device costs $6o, but the price goes down to $55 if you order more than five. And they are $50 each if you order more than 11.

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