Army Drops Govt. Camo Pattern from Race to Replace UCP


PEO Soldier officials recently pulled the government's pattern from the Army's camouflage improvement effort, leaving four industry patterns in the running to replace the embattled Universal Camouflage Pattern.

Here is the announcement from PEO Soldier:

On Jan. 10th, the Army announced that families of camouflage patterns from one government team and four commercial vendors were selected to proceed into the next step of evaluations.

As part of a cost savings strategy and as a result of initial assessments, the government submission is being removed from further consideration as a replacement to the universal camouflage pattern.

This decision has been made in light of the similarity between elements of the government and one industry submission and the higher score of the industry submission during the initial evaluation.

We are excited about the four vendor patterns we are going forward with. We anticipate experiencing very positive results in our field trials and more advanced computer evaluations.

We will continue to work closely with our industry partners and our government team, especially in terms of research,development and evaluation.

The Army conducts extensive testing to ensure we provide Soldiers with the very best clothing and equipment.


Army officials at Natick would not release images of the government pattern, which many believe is the Scorpion pattern it developed with Crye Precision LLC years ago. Officials at Crye continue to keep their camouflage submission close hold. It would be interesting to see just how similar the now defunct government pattern was to Crye Precision's MultiCam and its newer submission to the Army's camouflage effort.

In addition to Crye Precision, ADS Inc., Kryptek Inc., and Brookwood Companies Inc. remain contenders in the upcoming field trials.

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