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A Saturday afternoon SITREP


A Saturday SITREP, for some of the noteworthy things that weren't covered during the week by our 1:1 scale lackeys friends on the Kit Up! writing staff.

►Maximillian Uarte, justly renowned international action hero and creator of Terminal Lance (putting the grunt in disgruntled since 2010), has a new website up showcasing his other work. It has some awesome stuff in it. Grunts, Cav scouts and other knuckle-draggers should be advised little or none of it is done in crayon. This portfolio website will be updated regularly with his other (non Terminal Lance) work.



On the subject of  artwork, Dead Terrorist Studios is offering notebooks with hand drawn covers. 10% goes to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Twenty bones (that's $20 US) gets you one. If you're eco-friendly, enjoy Granola or are just worried about, the notebooks are all 100% recycled. They're also made in the US. Contact the artist at huntingosama(at) if you want one.









CJ's Knives has a new website, which is kewl. (We're used to watching him build blades on Facebook). If you have time, you should check out one or the other or both.

A CJS Backcountry, full flat grind now complete and awaiting further work.












Speaking of knives, Up-Armored Knives and Coatings has some new pieces up on their page, good lookin' and lethal as always. Congratulations to them for making into Guns Magazine!



Rogue American Apparel has a new thermal line available. All are custom American made, 100% cotton with grinded (ground?) edges on sleeves neck and bottom. They've also released some 2x3 death card patches...Velcro 'em to your gear, but take care not to get filmed dropping them on anyone you've had to put down. Probably won't go over very well on the nightly news even though they donate 15% of the proceeds to the Brothers In Arms foundation.












Red Stitch Tactical is running a sale on some steel lollipops if you want to rig up your own targets or hang some gongs. Speak slowly when you call, and don't use any big words, they're all former gyrenes there and some of 'em are from Texas. They have 15 left in stock, 3/8" AR500 steel left from a previous project.










21st Century Gunfighter, LLC. is having some sort of giveaway in conjunction with Chris Costa, who is apparently beginning a campaign of world domination one Costa Ludus PVC patch at a time. You have to be a fan of both of them, subscribe to the 21st Century Gunfighter YouTube channel, share the link on your wall and hop on one foot chanting The Mad Duo is the ultimate in bad assery and I want to be just like them to be eligible to win. (Note: yes Costa has his own action figure. In answer to the question many will ask, no we haven't met him. Costa is a dangerous man, but we could kick the action figure's ass.)










Arsenal Firearms, in a stunning display of something silly (some might say stupid) that people will probably buy anyway, Arsenal Firearms has released the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol in .45 ACP. Capable of grouping 8 double .45 rounds (that’s 16 bullets, for those of you who have to carry all your own stuff and walk to the fight) in an “orange” size target at 15 yards.

Perfect for collectors with more money than sense, mall ninjas and of course members of that same Ninja Force 17 that so troubles Raven Concealment, it runs duplex single-stacked mags with a single grip safety, single spur double hammer and a look that will no doubt evoke envied awe in trailer parks, corner crackhouses and Desert Eagle fan clubs worldwide. At least now Hollywood can have their dual-wielding heroes shoot four bullets at a time.


There’s some other stuff we could tell you about the “twenty-eleven” but we’re bored and can’t think of anything else snarky to say so we’re moving on.


Triple Aught Design (seen in this photo by the awesome Gamma Nine) added some new stuff to their line-up, including some "amphibious" britches. They're also now sporting something called Ranger LT Coyote Brown as a color option.

Ranger LT Coyote Brown for you TAD Gear lovers out there (FYI we are unashamed TAD gear fans).


Triple Aught Design in use, from a photo shoot by Gamma Nine,























Last Tuesday your humble correspondents the Mad Duo ran into a tatted up assclown whose ink seemed to be sending the wrong message. We politely disabused him of the notion without making the lesson permanent.








Legion Firearms has a new addition to the lineup of shooters and office staff. Congratulations on the safe and healthy arrival of Baby Ruby.

Finally, Chuck Norris. Yes, a rousing Happy Birthday! to Chuck Norris. Yes, the Original Bearded Badass celebrates his birthday today. We are working diligently to make it a national holiday.



That is all. Carry on. We'll be badasses all week.

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