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The Art of War: a contemporary look from a 1/75 & PMO veteran turned bestselling author


Sun Tzu's great treatise on warfare is arguably one of the three most famous books on the subject ever written. I would list Von Moltke and Clausewitz and Clausewitz as the other two, though an argument could be made for Musashi as well. Feral Jundi would no doubt be pretty voluble about including Homer Lea and some of my grunt friends (and Christian Lowe) are partial to Dr. Seuss.

Kit Up! Ranger Garner turned best-selling author at Hunter Army Airfield, c. 1996.

Just sayin'.

The original Art of War is not as hard to read as Musashi's books, nor it as condescending as Machiavelli's, but it is (not unexpectedly, considering its age) pretty dated.

So a veteran of contemporary warfare (and a well-established ghost writer) has edited Sun Tzu's original lessons and translated them into contemporary lingo.

Adagio Press recently released 'modernized' version of the classic, written by William Dean A. "Dino" Garner, a former Ranger with 1/75 who went on to do a substantial amount of PMC work, and it's now available in both PDF download and hard copy. Interestingly, the author told someone on facebook he'd buy them a case of beer if they didn't like it...however, it was domestic beer and light at that, so I'm inclined to believe this is some sort of strategery on his part.

Full details, a look inside and a place to order the book can be found on the Adagio Press Sun Tzu The Art of War page.

Dalton Fury, the author of Black Site and Kill Bin Laden advises, "...recently had a terrific opportunity to read an advance copy of Sun Tzu The Art of War, newly edited...if you are into the mental aspect of warfare...or the Art, as opposed to the science, then this is one of those must have references that you'll turn to repeatedly.."

Garner has ghostwritten 17 books, 7 of which have been on the NY Times or USA Today bestseller lists. He has also edited numerous books, including Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.


(From the preface) The original was carefully planned and designed to be accurate, brief and concise: short, punchy bullets, all well categorized and numbered for easy retrieval and reference. There were no lengthy explanations about each bullet, no editorials by armchair, paper-qualified warriors.

Our 48-page edition of The Art of War was compiled and edited in the high spirit of those brilliant minds who wrote Sun Tzu On War, and was designed to be a highly readable and accessible field manual for all warriors—battlefield, boardroom, bedroom—rather than a detailed historical perspective or critique for academics and history enthusiasts.

The editor of the current version served as a US Army Airborne Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion and as a silladar (corporate mercenary) with international private military companies he designed and helped build. He did 211 overseas missions, escorting clients out of hostile territories, all without the aid of backup operators or rescue personnel, and delivered all clients to safe havens over a nine-year period.

During his service in US military and civilian special operations, he accurately learned and successfully implemented firsthand many elements of The Art of War. This edition of Sun Tzu is just as, if not more, relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.


You can download a free copy of the ebook right now, or buy a hard copy on line.

ALCON...Edit. You can view the first chapter of the book on line. Scroll to the bottom of this link to download a free copy of the ebook or purchase a hard copy. Not sure how I gorked that up, but I did, and I apologize.

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