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Tactical Concealment Sniper Boonie


If you watch Act of Valor today, as I'm guessing you are, keep an eye out for the boonies and ghillie kit the boys are wearing when they move in to do their recce on the compound. It's all made by Tactical Concealment of Tempe Arizona. Tactical Concealment specializes in signature management, and they're really good at it. (They make a number of different ghillie rigs and accessories currently in use in several AORs, but the boonies are a relatively new addition to their lineup.) The boonies are sewn there in the shop of MultiCam or ATACS and will soon be doing it in ATACS FG as well. It's one size fits all, with adjustable NIKO fabric straps using a superior thread and 1" elastic loops around the circumference of the hats for use of natural foliage. The entire crown is ventilated with nylon mesh, a brim that can be adjusted so you can lock it up or down and drop-netting around the circumference if you need it. The brim itself is made of flame retardant material.

They've also introduced an all natural stalk grass that is 85-90% lighter than jute and doesn't retain water (they also have a new pine needle accessory if you need that instead of jute and burlap, also extremely lightweight and no water retention). Though the ATACS is not yet on their website, it is available.

SEALs from Act of Valor in Tactical Concealment Sniper Boonies

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