Kit Up!

Sunday Funny: Momma Dawg!

If you have ever been bored out of your mind on duty, on guard, on stag (for our Brit friends) or just on the move, while suffering severe sleep deprivation, then you will find this amusing. Otherwise you may just think it's stupid...and really it is, but that's okay, 'cuz it's funny anyway.

3:38..."Momma dawg...momma dawg and Gunny..."

Or, "I love buffalo jackets thank you Gunny...."


So, as an aside, I have q quick question for you: what's the best way you've stayed awake? The most innovative I've seen was some of my troops dipping Copenhagen mixed with powdered RIP IT powder and that nasty instant MRE coffee. Whadya got?

And as a bonus, I'd like to share a photo from Terminal Lance on Facebook.

Kit Up! "Have a good war!" (Thanks, kids.)

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