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Sunday Funny: Downrange Comics


This is a relatively new military-themed comic, as best I can tell (key word being relatively). The artist takes illustrations from FMs and TMs, apparently, and puts his own script in. As you might expect, his commentary is pretty sarky...which is why I love it.

There's no contact information on his Facebook page, which thus far is the only place to see it, but hopefully at some point we'll be able to get in touch with him and maybe do a short interview or obtain some background for you. In the meantime, check out the comics.From the arguably well meaning tyranny of the FRG to the sagacity of new lieutenants...he has a great wit.

I won't say which one (it's not on here), but one of them caused an involuntary combination black-and-tan-and-snot exfil the other night when I read it (though to be fair I was on my fifth black-and-tan, and my ability to hold my liquor is somewhat less than legendary). Did that sentence read correctly? If not, let me be plain: I'm saying I snorted beer and boogers out my nose when I read one of them, which makes it really hard to look cool at the bar.  Hopefully you'll find them at least somewhat amusing, even if you haven't been drinking.

Kit Up! A look at Downrange Comics.

Kit Up! He Who Must Not Be Named and The Lidless Eye both work for the FRG

Kit Up! Lieutenants are to be feared...

Find Downrange Comics on Facebook.



David Reeder is a self-proclaimed expert in desultory tactical sesquipedalianism.  He's spent the last twenty-plus years in the military and law enforcement and thinks it's a little absurd to talk about himself in the third person. He is a contributing editor at the BOLO Report and can frequently be found on Facebook. If you have something you'd like to see written about, make sure you mention it on the Kit Up! page or give him a shout.

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