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Robinson Arms' New .308 Modular Rifle

Robinson Armament Company recently started offering the latest addition to its XCR line of weapons -- the XCR-M. Alex Robinson's family of folding-stock, modular weapons doesn't get as much fanfare as Remington's ACR or FN's SCAR, but it shouldn't be overlooked.

His new XCR-M is chambered for 7.62mm NATO or .308. The standard model features a 20-inch upper receiver and comes in either 16-inch or 18.6-inch barrel lengths. It weighs roughly 9 pounds empty.

"It's got super low recoil," Robinson said recently at Shot Show 2012. "It's really smooth to shoot."

The XCR-M also sports Robinson Arms' new fully adjustable stock design. Unlike the XCR's original skeletonized stock, the new design features an adjustable cheek rest, similar to the designs on the ACR and SCAR. Aside from the cheek rest and butt pad, the stock is made from aluminum and the folding hinge is made from steel.

The XCR-M also comes in a Mini version with an 18.5-inch upper receiver and is available in 13-inch, 14.7-inch and 16-inch barrel variants. Like all of the XCR products, it's capable of caliber conversions and quick barrel changes at the shooter level.

Robinson told me at Shot that he initially wanted to design a new XCR weapon for the Army's Improved Carbine Competition but changed his mind when the service made it clear it wasn't interested in modularity or calibers other than 5.56mm.

Here's a short clip of Robinson's XCR-M firing on full-auto.




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