Kit Up!

Reliability Revisited...the M4...whadya think?

So it's been a year and a half since we first ran this post about the reliability of the M4/M16. Since then we've seen new ammunition, new furniture, new lubricants, entirely new rifles.

The ubiquitous M16 in Vietnam

Kit Up! The ubiquitous M16 in Vietnam.


What do you think? Are there reliability problems with the M4/M16 platform? Do we need the 6.8 or the 300 AAC Blackout? Or it all just more of the same old/same old we've seen since RUMINT first said the M16s were made by a toy company?

Begin your POLITE, academic argument here, please.

As Jim Cirillo, aka Cirillo the Great (may he sit at the right hand of God, to steal the Colonel's phrase), always said at the beginning of a course of fire: "You may commence."

Kit Up! A more modern version of an M16 platform...

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