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Rapid Access Magazine Pod from Gear for Grunts Innovations


Not too long ago, Doug Mullen, a former Army airborne infantry platoon leader (Ranger Class 12-89) was on a base in Texas watching some troops pass by in full kit and thought to himself..why have we had all these technological advancements everywhere, but we’re still carrying ammunition in the same basic way we did with the first magazine-fed weapons in WWI?

He wanted to optimize the loading sequence, so he built a mag pouch that is essentially a pod that mimics the mag well of a weapon. It is called the RAMP and it carries and M4/AR15 magazine by the top third or so of the mag, leaving the bottom 2/3 or so of the mag (the part you need to manipulate the magazine anyway). After getting the design where he wanted it, he ran some prototypes to validate the concepts, then sent them into the field with LE and military personnel (the latter mostly grunts) to see if it would hold up.

Kit Up! Picture shows an infantry team leader wearing two RAMPs housing PMAGs visible just under his M203.

It has. The RAMP system (some of which have already passed ten thousand cycles of loading and unloading) is now available from Gear4Grunts Tactical Innovation. Though not an entirely new and unique concept, this particular style is very solid.

A fireteam leader of the 10TH Mountain provided some feedback on the RAMP after using it operationally: "While we have not had the RAMP system for a very long time, it has become very useful and is honestly, one of the better systems the platoon has had. Thanks so much for letting us the opportunity to use this."  Another soldier from that same platoon advised,"The Ramp system allows me to reach my “quick mag” very fast. It is secure, and I have had no issues when going through some difficult terrain."

A tactical officer(and former Army Ranger) seen below in the door of a helo prior to launch for aerial security overwatch at Super Bowl XLV, helped provide T&E of the RAMP system. His assessment of the RAMP: " Light weight and functional, the RAMP gives me the tactical advantage needed to ensure my safety and allows me to better perform my duties protecting the citizens and the great state of Texas..."


A helo-mounted officer utilizing the RAMPS system on security at the Super Bowl.

Kit Up! RAMPS on aerial patrol, security at the Super Bowl.


The video below the following picture shows the RAMP going through the final obstacle of the Columbia Muddy Buddy 6 Mile Cross Country Run & Bike race (they worn through the whole thing). An added advantage of the RAMP design is the way it shields the business end of a rifle magazine from grit and debris.

Kit Up! The RAMP, post-race.

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