Public Service Announcement: Raven Concealment Giveaway


This is a simple public service announcement for shooters. It should neither stir up controversy nor provoke debate. Raven Concealment is running a giveaway on its Facebook page. We like Raven Concealment holsters the way fat chicks like chocolate, so we thought we'd pass it along.

Kit Up! The Vanguard II is a great minimal IWB holster.

As some of you know, we ran an article that got some people fired up. Some folks enjoyed the debate. Others politely said they preferred to skip anything remotely political on Kit Up! and stick to gear. Others were apparently well and truly butt-hurt that it showed up at all.

Kit Up! Swingin' Dick with a Raven Concealment Vanguard II

So we're just pointing this out to help you. Raven Concealment is giving away Vanguard II holsters as the number of likes on its Facebook page grows. See? Nothing painful there. Nothing to piss and moan about. We're not arguing the relative merits of the MARSOC .45, contrasting sheep vs. sheepdog, debating whether Han shot first (he did), pimping out high dollar watches or giving our opinion about high dollar weapon bling. We're not discussing Marine Corps trombone players, volume of fire issues or girls in SOF units. No debating 70s crotch ghillie vs. well groomed (though it should be well groomed), or whether God loves the infantry (he does). Just a simple, go like this page if you want a minimal IWB holster for your Glock. We're gonna avoid mentioning Ninja Force 17 (though we acknowledge the perilous nature of their existence), showing you camouflaged women or repeating what Navy SEALs say.

We're not even linking to lots of other stories so you'll go read them. We're just trying to do you a solid.

It's really nice for appendix carry, but we're not going to tell you that because that might be construed as trying to start a controversy.

Kit Up! Raven Concealment is giving away some holsters


Here are the ordering instructions.

We apologize if any of this seems to reflect our inner sarcasm, irreverence or smartassery, it was not intended to.

Kit Up! The Vanguard II provides great trigger well fact, it depends on it.

Check out Raven Concealment, though, whether you approve of the Duo or not! In all seriousness, we got the message and will discuss political matters in other places. Better hurry though, not sure how long they're doing the contest.

About the authors: The Mad Duo is a writing collaboration of several military and LE types (sorry, all conventional, no snake-eaters). They can be contacted here on Kit Up!, over on Under the Radar or at Breach-Bang-Clear. They’ve also written for Soldier Systems, and SWAT Digest. They actually represent the collaborative writing of a half a dozen military and LE personnel from a wide array of backgrounds and every branch of service. High speed, low drag celebrities of the action figure and steely-eyed snaker-eater world, the commentary of Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call has been likened to a .308 op-ed to the head. They don’t like the Taliban, marplots, hippies, sissies or SNCOs and officers who don’t grasp the concept of Noblesse Oblige. Loyalty starts from the top down, assclowns. Please go right now and join them on Facebook, unless you’re a member of the ACLU, PETA or NAMBLA or are an anti-military sissy, own any expensive show cats, are a Marine Corps trombone player or believe Greedo shot first.

The Mad Duo on the range with some USCG TACLET guys and a couple of the staff from

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