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Osombie: DEVGRU didn't burn the body


Do you follow Under the Radar at all? If not, check it out. Osama Bin Laden is back and leading an undead insurrection. The "operators" in the movie are about what you'd expect, though the special effects are surprisingly good. The sword-wielding female may irritate Capt. Molly, but we'll see how bad it is once they get the funding they need (if they get the funding they need). Who knows, maybe she'll be a valuable member of the team.

Yeah...first all the vast amount of zombie related products at SHOT and now this. Kit Up! likes zombies as much as the next guy, but maybe it's time for something a little different, at least some new monsters.

Check out the full story on Under the Radar: OSOMBIE: Axis of Evil Dead



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