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Nikon's P-22 for Rimfire


Nikon has a new rifle scope for the rimfire breeds, if you’re into that. Designed for .22 long rifle, the P-22 comes in two versions, the 2-7x32 with BDC 150 reticle or a 2-7x32 with Nikoplex reticle and Nikon Rapid Action Turret System. The optic was developed specifically for the trajectory of .22 LR rimfires.

The BDC offers circles, dots and hash marks from 50 to 150 (the latter being about as far as I can see even with an optic). The 2-7x32 Nikoplex P-22 has two sets of elevation turrets for standard velocities (1200-1300fps) and hyper velocity rounds (1500-1600) rounds. The “Rapid Action Turret” eliminates the need for holdover by changing distances with a turn of the turret.

Both styles of P-22 are designed to be used with Nikon’s Nikon Spot On™ Ballistic Match Technology: this app provides users with aiming points on the BDC reticle for any load or ammunition at a specified range. (iPhone or Android, and you can try it for free.)

The Spot On program provides users with exact aiming points on the BDC reticle for any load or ammunition at a specified range.  Spot On can be purchased for iPhone and Android or tried out for free.

Note: To be clear, I haven’t done anything with these myself. This isn’t a review, I’m just passing it along. This is a product notification. The fact of the matter is, I wouldn’t be able to give you decent feedback other than “Ooooh, pretty” anyway. When it comes to distance shooting and optics past about the 150 or so, I pass it off to my brother. I like to think I can drag iron and throw down with a handgun well enough and competently employ my carbine, but let’s just say a Rubakho or Häyhä I’m not. When I need some scoop on an optic I usually ask him or consult the venerable and inestimable Jim Shepherd.

Kit Up! The P-22 2-7x32 for rimfire AR platforms.

However, I digress. The P-22 uses a turret with Zero-Reset feature and are parallax set at 50 yards, with a positive ¼” MOA at the 50. Now, I’m not sure what that means but it sounds really important. I’m guessing guys that are shooting something with legs on it will understand. A hand-turn reticle adjustment thingamawhatsit provides “positive click feedback to get shooters on target with speed and confidence.” It also features “fully multicoated optics for extreme brightness….[with] high light transmission for most light conditions.”

Note: this should not be interpreted as any sort of Nikon denigration. I’m just throwing in a little self-deprecating humor. If you saw me trying to hit targets out past the 600 with my brother’s rifle, you’d understand.

The P-22 will be available later in 2012 and will retail for less than $200.

Nikon P-22 Specifications: FOV @ 100 yards:  33.4 - 9.5 Exit Pupil:  16 - 4.6 Eye Relief:  3.8 inches Length:  11.5 inches Weight:  13.9 ounces Max internal adjustment:  80 MOA Parallax setting:  50 yards

If I wind up getting one for my 15-22 (or my kid’s) I’ll let you know how it performs. If so I'll put something up on Facebook.

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