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Happy Birthday Lt. Gen (Ret) Hal Moore. Garry Owen!


Kit Up! Would like to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR! to Lt. Gen (ret) Hal Moore. The following was posted by none other than the inestimable Mr. Joseph Galloway today on his Facebook page. We would like to echo his sentiments: Today, Feb. 13, is the 90th birthday of a true American hero and my best friend in life, Lt. Gen. (ret) Hal Moore. All five of his children gathered in Auburn in recent days to help their Dad celebrate the occasion…I lift my Cav Stetson and send a brother's embrace to my captain in battle, my guide in life, my co-author, my best friend. What there is between us was built over a half-century of living through the best and worst of times, and it transcends the ordinary bonds between men. Happy Birthday, General, and GarryOwen, Sir! Did you see the Lions in Winter picture over on SSD?

Have you read Ten Questions for Hal Moore?



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