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A couple places have been reporting about some of the high quality work done by the WW Guns and I thought I'd follow up.

I met Cliff, Buck and Jeremy of WW Guns at SHOT and liked them, but I'll just say in advance I haven't personally tried their work for durability (I think the aesthetics are pretty obvious). Anyway, they are running a special on Cerakote right now, 15% off any color, whatever you're having done has to be at their shop by the last day of February (and since it's Leap Year, you get an extra day).

Kit Up: JFE-Coated Magpul furntiure.

Make contact with 'em ahead of time (or I would, anyway, and make sure you put 'Cerakote Promo' in your remarks).  Note that all the JFE camouflage patterns are done with water transfer. They don't use Cerakoke for the camo because of quality issues (Cerakote is offered in solid colors only, to make that plainer).

As for the actual camo schemes, they have pretty much all of them. Multi-Cam, ATACS  and ATACS FG, tiger stripe, even that damn horrible ABU pattern. For you female shooters (or cross-dressers) they will also do "girly" colors like pink and purple (and in fact have been experimenting with a purple-based Multi-Cam type 'flage).

For frequent updates, check Joint Force Enterprises, whose Facebook page you can check for WW Guns' updates.)

When asked about durability, Cliff replied, "I haven't had any issues with cleaners or lubes at all. The finish should wipe clean with just a damp cloth most of the time. As for the curing time, depending on conditions it should be fully cured in about 7 days. At that point it's as durable as it's going to get, which is very durable. I had a chance to see the Multicam rifle we did for [Chris] Costa after about 2 months of training and it was still perfect. It actually surprised me knowing what he puts a gun through..."

WW Guns offers custom weapon services too, from historical lever action rifles to modern black rifles; you can check out all of it on the WW Guns website.

Kit Up! One of WW Guns favorite projects. They completely rebuilt it internally as well a lot of work with the coating.

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