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Gear Review: Princeton Tec Remix Pro Headlamp


I have been using Princeton Tec's Remix Pro Headlamp for about six months and it has changed my mind about hands-free task lighting. Princeton Tec introduced the Remix Pro in early 2011 as an improved, tactical alternative to its Remix camping line. Here's my take on it:

There are a ton of headlamps out there and most work well for close-in work like digging through a pack. I have been perfectly happy with my Petzl Tikka Plus for the past decade ... until I picked up the Remix Pro. It has a large LED that projects a focused, 70-lumen beam of white light out to about 70 meters on its brightest setting.

The Remix Pro also has three smaller colored LEDs (mine had red) that light up when you first switch it on. The two settings of red light are bright enough for map checks or rummaging through gear.

One of the main differences between the Remix Pro and the older Remix is it uses a single CR123 battery instead of three AAAs. You get about 40 hours of burn time on the lowest red light setting, but only four to seven hours of continuous run time on the two highest white light settings. CR123s are pricey, but I like carrying just one type of batteries for my headlamp and my Surefire Outdoorsman. Changing the batteries is a little tricky because you have to pry open the latch to the battery door. Take extra care on cold days or you'll rake a little skin off a knuckle like I did. It's no more complicated than any other headlamp though.

Early versions of the Remix line suffered a lot of critical reviews for accidentally turning on inside many hikers' backpacks. Princeton Tec seems to have solved this problem by adding a raised fence around the power button. I have done everything I could think of to get the Remix Pro to turn on by itself inside my pack but never had that problem.

Holding the power button down for a little over one second switches the Remix Pro from its initial red light to the bright, white light.

The main reason I like the Remix Pro is it provides serious light when you need it. The large LED cuts through darkness with beam bright enough to light up the inside of a Stryker vehicle or reach the outer perimeter of your campsite. I know my pictures aren't the  best, but here is the brightest setting on the Remix Pro compared to the top setting on my old Petzl Tikka Plus.

 My only ding on the Remix Pro is it doesn't have a strobe setting. I've never needed the strobe on my Petzl, but it's a nice-to-have.

The Remix Pro is a good piece of kit. It's available in black or in tan/Multicam and well worth the (approximate) $55 price tag.

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