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Some of you may have read this already (or at very least heard about it), but for those who have there's a very good graphic novel about PMCs floating around out there called Black Powder Red Earth. I was first turned on to it back in August, I think (?) and thus far have failed to follow up. I'm fixing that lapse now (it's really good). BPRE is not only a realistic graphic novel, it's a Facebook "role-playing game" as well. The artwork is good, the script so far solid - I'm in the process of reading the first one now and will have a review up for you by the end of the week. If all goes as planned I'll be talking to Jon Chang (script, co-writer and lettering) by Monday or Tuesday and get some more info. It starts a little slow, which is not a criticism, it's obviously plotted out as a much more complex tale than your traditional one-issue comic storyline...I just want to see where it's going, as it's by no means your superhero color comic book. I'm also a little uncertain about any sci-fi elements, if any, and want to clarify those. All told I'm very impressed so far, I just want to get you all some background before I write the review: IF YOU WANT A REVIEW. So my question would be, is something like this, or some of the book reviews we've run in the past, something you want to see continued occasionally? I hope so, but no point in running things that don't interest you (though I think those of you who've worked in a PMC/PSC capacity in "non-permissive environments" other than Portland and Oakland I think would particularly like it).

Anyway, let me know what you think, and if you're interested and want to see some excerpts I'll get you something by the end of the week.

Let me also just say, 2019 or no, some of the places you see in the story will be damn familiar if you spent any time in the sandbox.


Hat tip to the Mad Duo, who did the friend-suggestion thing for me and Mr. Chang on Facebook back before Christmas. Sorry it took me so long to follow up!

Kit Up! Black Powder Red Earth


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