Act of Valor Trailer at Super Bowl


They've certainly been timing their trailers right. Remember they put on on an aircraft carrier? You can expect another Act of Valor trailer this evening at some point during the game. Videobash says this is the specific trailer for tonight. Other say it will be a condensed version of scenes from the five-minute clip I've embedded below.

Either way, the trailers certainly make it clear they're (SEALs) doing it right. Now I want to see a movie using real PJs and real DP guys (though they're called something else now) fighting terrorists that have already slimed some place somewhere. Then of course they will need to do something with SF and MARSOC guys (nothing against previous movies, but I think we can all agree Heartbreak Ridge was less than grittily realistic).

Have a good day today, enjoy the game and be safe. If you are deployed, hang in there and know many of us still appreciate you and wish you were home.

Hat tip to Soldier Systems for letting us know about the Super Bowl ad.


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