Act of Valor Signature Management: Tactical Concealment


If you watched Act of Valor over the weekend (and I’m guessing most of you did, unless your deployment location, work schedule or Household 6 prevented it) then you saw some of the SEALs rocking ghillie suits (and sniper boonies). Those ghillies were also made by Tactical Concealment. Specifically, those are TC Mambas (as opposed to the Viper, the Armadillo chaps,Sidewinder bibs and plates, the King Cobra, etc.).

Kit Up! A Tactical Concealment ghillie platform.

There are several styles of Tactical Concealment “signature management” pieces, from full get-ups with chaps to partials an assaulter would throw on over his gear. Any one of them comes as a modular kit. The jute and burlap (or other material) is not sewn on. The buyer must arrange and garnish for his particular AO, using traditional materials or TC’s other material.. All are made of high performance fabrics, such as A-TACS NYCO and 1000 Denier Cordura and their new Mosquito mesh. The latter is a tear-proof, lightweight breathable mesh. TC advises you can scrunch it up and stuff it down in a cargo pocket depending on the size of the garment. The mesh has been successfully field tested as a base fabric—you can either add traditional ghillie garnish or natural foliage to the mesh or the grid exterior surface (or both).

Kit Up! Tactical Concealment signature management gear in Act of Valor.

Tactical Concealment ghillies have a reputation for rugged endurance. Many of them have been handed down or passed from sniper to sniper. On their website you will see an early model ghillie worn by Steve Reichert. That particular suit was hand made by Michael Stanchik of Tactical Concealment and was traded for a new one to wear

Not to worry: they didn't stalk in to this point. That's not your typical sniper rifle.

operationally. Many have literally remained in theater as one operator passes it on to another who has relieved him in place.

For more details, check out the Tactical Concealment website or look ‘em up on Facebook.

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Tactical Concealment Stalk Grass (they make a pine needle too)

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