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Sunday Funny: Sierra Deuce is on Bug


I'm not completely unfamiliar with grunt humor. My brother and some friends were Lava Dogs with C 1/3 once upon a time. It was the height of technology back then to use a cassette recorder to tape audio letters to each other, and to record video straight onto I saw and heard a lot of it.

One of the funniest examples of grunt humor (on the Marine side) I've ever seen in person was when 1/5 SSP and some 3RD Recon BN guys at a school started playing "gay chicken" to pass the team while we were waiting on a tracking team to complete its followup.

Gay chicken is not for the faint of heart. This is a little tamer than that, but it's funny as hell.

"Tell 'em to quit being pussies and cowards and just come out and shoot at us. We haven't had any action since we've been out here...wear your seatbelt, don't run with scissors and drink milk."

There's not as much profanity as one would normally find in approximately a full minute of grunt talk, but in fairness he was trying pretty hard to get a point across.

One of these days it'll be appropriate to tell you about the Army grunt humor, which was equally profane and violent (and left me in tears). Meantime, observe this young man at a checkpoint.


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