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Solo Camping Must Have: The NEMO GOGO EX



The NEMO GOGO one man tent made my 2011 Editor's pick. Although it says it's a one person, I've crammed in to the same dimensions with a girlfriend before and it was no problem.  And at just over 2lbs you get rock solid construction in a super light weight package.

If you haven't checked out NEMO I highly recommended it.  They are one of the top picks of the Special Operations community (at least the SEALs).  I don't say this to be arrogant, just to inform people that it's a vetted piece of Kit.  They aren't cheap but, you tend to get what you pay for with some things and tents are no exception.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of materials advancements NEMO has made at this years SHOT show.  In the mean time here's a closer look....


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Direct from their Website at NEMO

From the alpine tundra to the arid desert to the jungle, there might not be a more useful 2 pounds you can toss in the bottom of your pack than Gogo™ EX. With 9.5 feet of interior length, this super-bivy shares the same shape and door configuration as Gogo™ LE, but includes a full mesh inner tent and a fitted rain fly. A removable welcome mat underneath the side vestibule keeps gear off the ground and offers a dry place to sit when lacing up your boots or preparing a meal. When there isn't a risk of rain, remove the fly and enjoy a full canopy of highly breathable mesh. Gogo™ EX comes with the Integrated Pump, a watertight stuff sack, stakes, and a repair kit.

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